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The Avendra Difference 

At Avendra, we understand that procurement choices must be aligned with strategic goals and organizational culture. We take the time to get to know your team—from leadership to regional staff—and work with you to establish a tailored approach for your business and brand.

Extensive category, commodity and industry expertise make us uniquely positioned to lower costs for our customers. Nearly $4 billion of the goods and services companies need most are purchased annually through Avendra’s contracts. Our customers enjoy exceptional pricing and advantageous contract terms.

Our reach extends deep into the supply chain. We seek to oversee and manage as much of the product lifecycle, and supply chain, as possible.  This comprehensive approach—implementing quality assurance measures and field audits to ensure high levels of service from our suppliers—allows us to control the integrity of products and services.  

Our 50-person customer care team provides first-rate service and support at every stage of the Avendra partnership. Our multi-tiered approach to servicing customers—at the corporate level, regional level or through phone-based customer service—ensures that everyone involved in the Avendra partnership is supported.

Our experts follow market trends and develop customized solutions for our customers.  When solutions can’t be found in existing resources, we innovate, helping to develop new products and services that have a positive impact on your business.