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Supplier Success Stories
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Supplier Partners 

At Avendra, we have over 800 agreements with best-in-class suppliers to ensure that our purchasing programs are exceptional in every way. The integrity and quality of our suppliers’ products and services play a critical role in our success.
Avendra suppliers meet strict criteria for excellence.
We are always looking for outstanding supplier partners. Potential suppliers are evaluated on a wide range of criteria including rigorous standards for quality, consistency of service, and on-time delivery. Companies being evaluated as potential Avendra suppliers receive information on specific criteria before our detailed evaluation process takes place.

If you are interested in being considered during a planned product/service category review as a potential supplier, we will need more information about your company. To receive an email with a form to complete, simply click this link and let us know you are interested - Prospective Supplier Request Form.

Avendra is committed to supplier growth and efficiency.
Our contracting initiatives are based on customer priorities. As a result of this strategic foundation, suppliers benefit from committed levels of product and service use. Avendra encourages the continuous improvement of operations through our audits and reviews, while encouraging the innovation of products, services and supply chain concepts. We share industry best practices with our suppliers and offer multi-tiered supplier support, marketing opportunities and assistance with issue resolution. Read on for more about our approach to supply chain management

Supplier diversity is critical to our business.
At Avendra, it is our mission to identify and include in our vendor selection process, minority-, women-, gay/lesbian-, veteran-, and disabled-owned suppliers who can provide high quality, competitive goods and services required for our customers' operations. We have implemented systems and practices that enable qualified diverse suppliers to receive appropriate consideration during the qualification, proposal, and award processes. After implementation, we monitor the utilization of our suppliers to help ensure their continued success.

To our current suppliers
If you are a current Avendra supplier and have questions, please call 866-AVENDRA or send an email to to be directed to specific support information.