How do I become a customer?

Since 2001, Avendra has grown into North America’s largest professional supply chain management company serving the hospitality industry.

We highly value the relationships we have with each of our 5,500+ customers and continuously search for ways to deliver better service. And, as a result, we are confident our procurement model can help organizations like yours save money on their operational purchases.

But saving is only the beginning. Avendra brings a comprehensive approach to supply chain management for a wide range of businesses. Whether your business is lodging, private clubs, higher education, or gaming, Avendra can tailor its approach and offerings to meet your specific needs.

At Avendra, we understand that procurement choices must be aligned with strategic goals and organizational culture. We take the time to get to know your team—from leadership to regional staff—and work with you to establish a tailored approach for your business and brand.

Let us show you how partnering with us can help reduce costs in your supply chain, improve guest satisfaction and help you grow your business.